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Can I Wear Boots with a Suit?

The short answer: Yes, you can wear boots with a suit. However, not every boot is suit appropriate. Your bulky winter boots will never complement your highly tailored attire. Only a classic style and a quality material will keep you looking sharp.


Why Wear Boots with a Suit?

You have a closet full of dress shoes. Why wear dress boots with a suit?

If you’re tired of your usual work attire, wearing a dress boot is a great way to switch things up and add a modern twist to your attire while still dressing appropriate for the occasion.

In cold climates, dress boots will keep your feet warm without sacrificing your style. Thick socks are often worn under dress boots, allowing additional warmth you won’t get from typical dress shoes.


What boots can I wear with a suit?

You shouldn’t be sporting just any boots to the office. Stick with a dress boot in made from quality leather or suede.

Black leather will always be the most formal choice when wearing a dress boot. For more traditional offices, black leather may be the best decision to look formal even when wearing a more casual shoe. However, if the occasion allows, don’t be afraid to experiment with an exciting color or to wear a boot in suede instead of leather.

You can also experiment with the design elements on the shoe. Wing tipped shoes will provide an additional formal touch to your dress boot. Try pairing a suit with dress boots that have other detailing, such as broguing, for a unique look.

In addition to the color and material of the boot, there are several styles of men’s dress boots that look best when paired with a suit.


Chelsea boots


Coffee Leather


Chelsea boots are a great dress boot to pair with a suit. Their sleek appearance always brings the class, regardless of what you pair them with.

When wearing Chelsea boots with a suit, choose slim fitting suit pants with little to no break in the leg. The suit leg needs to be wide enough to comfortably fit over the upper of the Chelsea boot without stretching.

Looking for other ways to style your Chelsea boots? Check out our blog for new ways to up your attire.


Chukka boots


Black Chukka Boots


Chukka boots can be more formal than Chelsea boots when paired with a suit. When worn with a suit pant leg that has a long enough break, it may be hard to even tell that you are wearing a boot rather than a more traditional shoe.

When looking at fit, the bottom of the suit pant leg should cover the tops of the chukka boots, with only a little break. Chukka boots typically are shorter than a Chelsea boot, so the pant leg does not need to be as wide or long in order to comfortably rest over the top of the shoe.


When Can’t You Wear Boots with a Suit?

There are some occasions where a different dress shoe may be a better choice than a dress boot.


Very formal environments

Dress boots will always be more casual than standard dress shoes. In certain formal environments, dress boots may be slightly too casual, even when paired with a suit.


Hot Weather

Boots have always been a cold weather shoe. In very hot climates, they may look odd against the typical, light fashion of the area. They may also hold in extra warmth, making them uncomfortable to wear. In these situations, try wearing a loafer or other light dress shoe, and keep the dress boots in your closet until the temperatures drop.



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