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Feel good about looking good.

Beautifully designed. Carefully crafted. A step towards a sustainable future.


Moral Code Ethical Living is all about standing for what’s right and striving for what comes next.
We focus on the quality of our materials and the equality of our workers. And with our sustainable leather and processes, our shoes and accessories are just as good for you as they are for
the rest of the world.
Our Leathers


Olivenleder® is a patented technology using fallen olive tree leaves that would have otherwise gone to waste, to create an eco-friendly blend. We use this as our tanning agent to produce a biodegradable and toxin-free leather that’s better for you and the environment.


Vegetable-Tanned Leather

Vegetable tanning is one of the oldest methods of tanning leather. This eco-friendly and organic process uses tree bark to produce a biodegradable leather that also ages richly as it develops. The elegant patina enhances the leather’s natural beauty over time.


Chrome-free Leather

Chrome-Free leather is tanned using sustainable metal-free methods and contains no added toxic coatings. The leather is biodegradable, toxin-free and has similar quality and characteristics of traditionally produced leather, while still being friendly to the environment.